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Week 4: NewsU Cleaning Your Copy course

Posted in Topic of the Week by laurynwilliams on February 4, 2010

Topic:  Last week, your class took the NewsU Cleaning Your Copy course. Describe your reactions to this course.

What I learned:

This course taught about how to be grammatically correct with punctuation, spelling, and AP style writing. It taught that one should always close a quoted sentence with quotations after the ending punctuation, not to end the quote then add punctuation at the end. It helped with the correct placement of commas. I do have issues with commas sometimes so this was very beneficial for me to learn about and take a quiz on. It explained that when dealing with street names, one should only capitalize and spell it out if it is the actual name of the street, but not a location on a street. An example would be that “Madison Avenue” would be spelled out, but “343 W. Butler Ave.” would be abbreviated.

What surprised me: 

What surprised me was the correct ways to spell out street names and addresses in AP format. For example it is acceptable to write I-95. There is no need to write out interstate 95. I would have thought that most words should be written out.

What I want to know more about:

It explained that state names should be spelled out if they are in a sentence alone, but if a city precedes it then it should be abbreviated. I feel like this is pretty much common knowledge, but from what I understand a few states are never abbreviated. I did not understand this exactly. I will be sure to look it up in the AP manual before writing in press releases or news articles in the future.


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  1. jameskick said,

    It is so important to keep your copy clean, because who knows who will be reading it in the future. This applies for everything you’re writing, ranging from blogs, to newspaper, to tweets. Keep a close eye on it, good job!

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