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Week 5: My Favorite Super Bowl Ad!

Posted in Topic of the Week by laurynwilliams on February 10, 2010

I will watch football occasionally, but I love watching the Super Bowl for the ads! My favorite 2010 Super Bowl ad was the E*Trade “Milkaholic Lindsay” baby commercial. I already think that the E*Trade babies are hilarious in all of their commercials, so getting to see new one always makes me excited. I think that it is so funny that the babies act like little adults and are in relationships with other little girl and boy babies.  This ad is mostly targeting young adults, probably between the ages of 18 and 35. They use goofy humor and catchy phrases that my generation loves to adopt. I will hear friends quoting this commercial for weeks, I am sure. That is, I believe, an indication of a successful commercial. In this way, I believe that the babies do a very good job at portraying young adults in their actions. Between the ages of 18 and 35, most people are dating and looking for serious relationships or marriage. This ad does a great job of portraying an immature guy who is not ready for a committed relationship with a girl. The baby acting as the main characters’ girlfriend is successfully taking on the role of a jealous girlfriend. Calling the other girl baby, Lindsay, a “milkaholic” is hilarious. Most likely in the real world a young adult would refer this person as an alcoholic, but of course they had to change that for the “baby” world. E*Trade effectively used stereotypes of young adults and did a really great job at targeting their audience. Everyone I have talked to including my 35 year old sister thinks this commercial is very funny and captured their attention. I give this ad an A+ grade in the 2010 Super Bowl series of commercials and in the list of E*Trade commercials.

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  1. Lauryn,
    I loved the baby E*Trade ad too. My friends and I have been talking and joking about it since the Super Bowl, so I completely agree that they deserve and A+ for their “Milkaholic Lindsay” ad. I personally have no use for E*Trade at the moment since I don’t have any stock, but the commercial is something that I know I will remember, which I guess is the goal of any good PR campaign. The fact that a bunch of college students still remember the commercial weeks later speaks volumes for a demographic known to forget things after a long weekend. And babies acting like young adults definitely doesn’t hurt. Great article!

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