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Week 7: A Week of Tweeting!

Posted in Topic of the Week by laurynwilliams on February 21, 2010

This week in my PR writing class we incorporated Twitter.com through out our whole week. The week does not actually end until Monday, so I will continue to post about constantly if anyone wants to check it out!


This week was so much fun! I already had a Twitter, but I never really used it very much. I never realized how much it can actually help businesses get their names out there and also help public relations students like me network and create professional relationships! It really is amazing. I will definitely continue to use twitter as much as possible to keep my name in a world full of PR professional as well as many other businesses. It can only help!

I do have a few things I need to work on. This week was the first time that I became part of a list. Of course, that list was one my PR writing teacher, Barbara Nixon, created for our class. I need to subscribe to more lists as well as use more hashtags! I have never used them until this week and even now it is rare. I will have to keep that in mind. My fellow PR writing classmate, Jessica Dudley, pointed out that she needs to learn how to post links on a Tweet without actually posting the entire URL. I am also guilty of this. It takes up too many characters, and on Twitter you are only allow 140 characters per Tweet.

I hope to incorporate Twitter into my daily life from now on and continue using it into my professional career. I have seen how so many businesses thrive through this website after this week. I cannot believe that some of the marketing and PR professionals have actually directly messaged me, interested about what career I want to pursue and giving me tips on how to succeed! It really is amazing. This week has been a wonderful experience.

Since the week of Twitter is not over I am actually posting this early. Do not forget to visit my Twitter!

Chirp Chirp =)


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  1. rcandle2 said,

    It is kind of annoying that twitter only lets you post 140 characters. Sometimes my thoughts are way more than just 140 characters. That’s not even that many words!

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  3. lawzta said,

    i could not agree more with your thoughts on twitter. i definitely had a twitter that i made this summer, but i was only using it as facebook updates. i was always like, why do people make such a big deal about twitter? facebook has so much more to offer. but after twittering and following the people in which Ms. Nixon provided, i am so exciting to follow through with my twittering and hopefully get more pr connections. i think that it will be a great way to expand my pr horizon and to get to meet some, well message, with pr people.

  4. ah01490 said,

    Hey! I loved tweeting also! Although at first I thought it was annoying, because the week that we had to tweet was in the same week as my birthday, so most of my tweets had to deal with my birthday! lol I ended up really enjoying it. I also am having a problem like you and Jessica with posting the whole URL. Maybe we should bring this to Professor Nixon’s attention. I also agree that I want to make twitter apart of my everyday life. I feel that it is becoming such a big part of a lot of people’s life that it will be a great networking tool. Keep up the great work!

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  6. To shorten URLs, I use a site called Bit.ly — it works really well, and it’s super easy to do. Most of my tweeting is from a 3rd-party provider called TweetDeck, and TweetDeck automatically shortens all my URLs.

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