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The Twittersphere, Is It Digressing?

Posted in PR Connections by laurynwilliams on March 5, 2010

After having done “A Week of Twitter” in my PR Writing class for Professor Nixon, I believe that Twitter is a great way for PR Professionals to make connections. The article The State of The Twittersphere 2010 talks very much about how Twitter is a great networking site for professionals and businesses, but also how it can be addictive. It also provides graphs that represent the fluctuating usage of Twitter over time. I do not understand how the use of Twitter could go anywhere but up on a scale of users in the future. This article may prove differently.

 “The state and future of Twitter is passionately debated as users and industry pundits explore whether or not the platform and the relationships that connect one another are in danger of slowing or worse, regressing.”

 “The Twitterverse is a living and breathing ecosystem that moves and adapts to current events and the moments of opportunity when someone is prone to sharing, responding, or viewing the activity of their friends and contacts.”

This article even includes the distribution of tweets by day and hour and the top locations that Twitter is used. It includes the most “ReTweetable Times” during the different days of the week. This could be very helpful for business and public relations professionals using Twitter. The article is very informative for anyone wishing to see the true impact Twitter has had on the world and its future.

It shows that users may be going down, but that actual tweets are going up. It is a very interesting article and I encourage everyone in the business world or preparing for the business world to read it.

I found this article through the publication email of PRSA, “Issues and Trends.”


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