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When to Tweet and Blog About A Client

Posted in PR Connections by laurynwilliams on March 7, 2010

I have mentioned several times now that my PR Writing class participated in a “A Week of Twitter.” We posted tweets with interesting info and questions  regarding to public relations as well as other invoking tweets. We also had to reply to other tweets.

During this week and currently, I saw how many public relations professionals posted tweet to publicize a client or product. I never took into consideration that this must be carefully considered before doing until I read the post When Clients Wan Coverage in Your Blog:  Social Media Ethical Dilemmas in the blog PR Squared.

This post points out how a PR professional must think about whether or not to publicize a client through social media (blogs, Twitter, etc.) by considering who the target public is that the blog reaches and if the post about the client would be relevant to the blog’s purpose and informative to the audience. Also, it mentions how these Tweets and posts must not be obnoxiously prevalent on your page because it only clutters it with information.

I thought this post had some very valid points and great advice to current and upcoming public relations people.


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