I Heard It From The PR Girl

Chapter 8: Selecting Publicity Photos and Graphics

Posted in Reading Notes by laurynwilliams on March 25, 2010

“A good rule is to not have more than three or four people in any one photo.” Group photos usually do not look good and should not be sent to general-circulation newspapers and magazines.

Experts’ suggestions about composition and clutter:

  • Take tight shots with minimal background. Concentrate onwhat you want the reader to get from the picture.
  • Emphasize detail, not whole scenes.
  • Don’t use a cluttered background. Pick up stray things that intrude on the picture.
  • Try to frame the picture.
  • Avoid wasted space.
  • Ask subjects wearing sunglasses to remove them.

Most captions are two to our lines long. Two line captions are the most effective. These guideline sdo not apply to a photo news release. Photo news releases are photos with longer captions that are distributed to the media without any accompanying news release.

All material here is quoted or paraphrased from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Ed.)


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