I Heard It From The PR Girl

Chapter 9: Writing for Radio and Television

Posted in Reading Notes by laurynwilliams on March 29, 2010

Radio News Releases

  • Write a radio release using all uppercase letter in a double-spaced format.
  • Give the length of a radio release.  (Ex:  RADIO ANNOUNCEMENT: 30)
  • Format for the medium:  “Radio is based on sound, and every radio release must be written so that it can be easily read by an announcer and clearly understood by a listener.”

2 Approaches to an Audio News Release

  1. Someone with a good radio voice reads the entire announcement. This is called an actuality.
  2. An announcer is used but a soundbite is included from a satisfied customer, celebrity, or company spokesperson. This is more effective because it comes from “real person” rather than an unidentified announcer.

Rules for Successful Radio and TV Story Placement:

Topicality:  Offer information on a hot topic

Timeliness:  “Stories should be timed to correspond with annual seasons, governmental rulings, new laws, social trends, etc.”

Localization:  Emphasize local news and make national releases relevant to a local audience.

Humanization:  Bring a human angle into play by showing how they are affected and involved.

Visual Appeal:  Use compelling soundbites and video footage to subtly promote and illustrate.

Public Service Announcement (PSA): FCC defines this as “an unpaid announcement that promotes the programs of government or nonprofit agencies or that serves the public interest.”

All material here is quoted or paraphrased from Public Relations Writing and Media Techniques (6th Ed.)


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