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Week 12: The Creative Career Podcasts

Posted in Topic of the Week by laurynwilliams on March 31, 2010

The Creative Career by Allie Osmar is a wonderful website for undergraduates as well as those who have graduated college and are entering the business world. I listened to the podcast “Surviving Change” where Osmar interviewed MJ Ryan, author of many books including Adaptability: How to Adapt to Change You Didn’t Ask For.

This is what MJ Ryan had to say:

Jobs did not exist 5 years ago. Take comfort in that you do not know how things are going to turn out. You are not stuck in this career for the rest of your life. Do not stress!

Become life long learners. Always continue your education through experience. It does not stop when you graduate.

There are thousands of jobs that are under the radar as far as training. These are the jobs that when you enter college you do not know about like you do other jobs such as a lawyer, engineer, or doctor. You discover them as you go along.

You have a certain way of thinking that you have been doing your whole life. This is your capacity for excellence. These are your personal thinking talents, and if you cultivate them then you create a better life for yourself because you are using those talents.

After graduation could be the most challenging time of your life. You are trying to find a job and when you do you enter this rigid lifestyle of going to work everyday. MJ says she wishes everyone in this position the gift of perspective, because it will not always be like this so be patient.

Always have support. Join a group of people your age struggling with the same issues you are. Talk to a person who is older who can give you their perspective and experience advice. Lots of people are in the same position as you.

There is no such thing as a five-year plan. Nothing happens the way you expect. Does one do better with a five-year plan than those without? No, there is not difference according to a surveys and polls. Rather than having a plan, keep enriching your environment with new information and by keeping connections through networking.

Make sure you never lose sight of doing the things you love.

The second podcast I listened to was “New Job, New You” a title that is also a book written by Alexandra Levit. In this podcast Osmar interviews Levit and here is what she had to say:

Why might you want to re-invent your career or make a career change? You may want to spend more time with your new baby, bring forth a talent or passion that you have had on the back-burner, challenge yourself more, or maybe make more money.

Changing a career is overwhelming and scary and you do not know where to start. You just know you are unhappy where you are. The key is starting off small. Do a self assessment and write down what you want to do and what type of environment you thrive in.

If you are struggling financially in this rough economy start saving money and try to cut back on little things that can save you money. This way you can start your entrepreneurship or career change on a fresh plate. Pay off all of your debts.

A career change does not happen over night. You must have persistence and patience. You have to be ready to sacrifice for the life that will be meaningful to you. You may know someone who you would like to be like and whose life you would like to have, but you have not seen the steps that person has taken. Almost everyone has hardships and worked to get where they are today.

You visit the New Job New You website to learn more. 

PR podcasts can help new PR practitioners as well as current PR students by giving them a sense of understanding. I believe that the information given can allow comfort through better knowledge. They can better prepare students for the business world and how to adapt to a new lifestyle, while also teaching current practitioners how to survive further change and acclimate to new careers and new uses of technology that are being developed.


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