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Recruiting During a Recession

Posted in PR Connections by laurynwilliams on April 6, 2010

In this weeks’ Issues and Trends – Career Mondays email from PRSA different career articles are mentioned. One of the articles mentioned was Recession Recruiting by Doug Berg, Founder & Chief Innovation Officer at Jobs2Web, Inc. courtesy of Recruiting Trends.

This is the opening paragraph that was posted on the email. It grabbed my attention, because I cannot help but think how I will get a job at graduation if the United States is still in a recession. We will mostly likely be recovering slightly from the recession I believe, but what if it is worse? Here is what Berg has to say:

“Are you wasting a great recession and the possibility that it provides smart companies to cultivate relationships with future recruits? As I travel around the country and meet with top companies to discuss their online recruiting strategies, I’m constantly surprised by employers’ attitudes: We don’t want applicants if there aren’t any specific recruiting requirements open. This means no capturing any candidate interest whatsoever! This “go away – there’s nothing here for you” sign that hung on career sites hurts future recruiting efforts – especially when in today’s market, the number of candidates searching online for jobs and companies is at an all time high”  Recession Recruiting

One of the most interesting parts of Berg’s article was his alternative to having candidates apply for a job that does not actually have a position currently open for them.

“If the ONLY way that candidates can show interest in working for our company is to apply for a job, then that’s the course of action they will take right? But what if there was an easier alternative?

Many employers haven’t even considered the simple concept of offering prospective candidates the ability to enter their email into a simple employment newsletter integrated into your career site. By using email subscription services such as Constant Contact, you can begin to harvest email addresses of candidates from your site. Another great option would be to set up a LinkedIn Group, a Facebook fan page, or a Twitter account for prospective employees. This would allow prospective candidates to follow your jobs in the social channels, and provide you with a way to capture their interest. Your recruiters can post future positions into these channels, which auto-broadcast them to this pool of prospects online, helping to capture the initial interest of prospects, and recycle them when future positions arise, helping to leverage these easy tools to fill future positions.”  Recession Recruiting

I believe this is a very important article for PR firms and professionals to read in order to more effectively build new relationships with future employees during this recession. It is important for PR students to read, because we must understand that simply applying or the job may not be enough or event the answer at all. Times are changing and we must adapt correctly.


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