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The Rising Use of Social Media in PR

Posted in PR Connections by laurynwilliams on April 6, 2010

On PR Media Blog  I found Jon Clements’ post  “Marketeers board the Social Media Clue Train” which discusses social media issues, trends, and  who really uses social media. There are still businesses that do not want to engage in the world of social media, because they do not understand how to use it to effectively benefit their company.

“Overall, 70% of CMOs polled by Forbes said they’d be doing more work in social media next year, now comfortable that it offers real value, though measurement was still in its infancy.” Marketeers board the Social Media Clue Train

“Twelve months ago the attitude of big business to social media ranged from cautious interest to total disregard.  Now, in the UK too, the sound of consumer chatter is gaining an audience in the board room.” Marketeers board the Social Media Clue Train

I suggest all PR students and professionals read this post and visit the additional tags and links.

Paul Stallard  mentions this page in his own post PR Week – best of the tech blogs . Stallard’s post directs the reader to another post of his in PR Week  where he highlights Clements’ points about social media.

I commented on Clements’ post because I felt that during this semester in my PR Writing class we have learned so much about how social media can benefit a business through public relations. Clements’ post really highlights how business people feel about social media and who is using it.

My comment:

“I believe that social media has many benefits for public relations and marketing. By reviewing what consumers are saying about your product or service you can better understand what they want and what they no longer want. These things are really important for promotion. Twitter is a great source for businesses to view what consumers are saying about their company as well as for promotion for their product or service. The only problem I see with social media is that some people use it incorrectly. Businesses should make sure that they are not doing ridiculous automatic updates on Twitter. This does not benefit anyone and is quite annoying for other businesses as well as consumers.”


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