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Are PR bloggers moving to Twitter?

Posted in PR Connections by laurynwilliams on April 13, 2010

Paul Stallard created a post called “Why do so few PR professionals blog?”

In this post he says that many PR professionals in the UK have moved to Twitter and stopped blogging. He says that most of the time PR personal that do have blogs do not update them frequently enough or they create posts about something not related to PR.  Why?

This was my response:

“I believe that blogging is a wonderful way for PR professionals to get their name out, get their products name out, speak up about issues in the field, and receive feedback. I think that Twitter is a good way to briefly point out all of the above, but with Twitter it is hard to see opinions due to lack of word space. In blogs, PR professionals can state how they feel if they would like to. The reason I think so many people have moved to Twitter is because it is newer than blogging and it is easier in that you do not have to write much at all. I am currently blogging for my PR writing class in the USA, but I agree that most professionals blog infrequently. I see many posts, but not from the same person. I don’t necessarily think that this is a bad thing. I just think that as a PR student or practitioner one should follow many PR blogs not just one or two. The broader your scope is for taking in knowledge the more you will take in that information and be able to practice it. This is a wonderful post!”

Blogging is important, because you can bring up issues in the field and receive almost instant feedback with more opinions. You cannot do that as well on Twitter. I believe that PR professionals should keep up with their blogs and have their Twitter follow behind that. Have Twitter to back it all up.  What do you guys think?


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