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PR 2.0: How the Internet is changing public relations

Posted in PR Connections by laurynwilliams on April 17, 2010

Check out Brian Solis’s video on YouTube about PR 2.0

Solis talks about how PR is changing due to the Internet. PR professionals can now put more of their opinion in a blog, instead of striving to be more objective in such things as news releases sent to journalists. Twitter and Facebook are being used more for business.

Al Sargent’s created blog post and response to the video and Solis’s idea, called “Why traditional PR is dead – and what to do about it.”

I found out about Solis’s idea and video through Sargent’s post. I suggest everyone read the blog post and watch the video on their own to learn more about how the web is altering the way PR works.

I left a comment on Sargent’s blog. Just to get my opinion across I’ll show you what I said.

My comment to Sargent’s blog and the idea of PR 2.0:

“This post makes many good points. PR is changing due to technology and social media. I really like that you mention the importance and skill of bloggers. Blogging is a great way to get your opinion out without being punished for it. I would suggest for PR students to start blogging while in college. It doesn’t matter if it is about PR or not, as long as it is something that they are generally interested in and have a lot of knowledge about. I do not believe that journalists should worry about PR practitioners and bloggers taking their jobs, though. They write differently and usually address a different audience. What PR bloggers talk about is not necessarily newsworthy to everyone, because the blog is focused on PR. I love some of the points made in this post.”

This comment can also be found on my “Friendly Little Comments” post, which has tracked my comments throughout the Spring 2010 semester.


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