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One of the Biggest Questions About PR

Posted in PR Connections by laurynwilliams on April 18, 2010

I think that one of the most asked questions about my major is “what exactly is PR?”

People relate it to marketing and advertising. This makes sense, because PR does deal with those things. Here is a neat little video I found on YouTube about what PR is.

Public Relations Video

This video tells you a lot about what people think about PR and what PR really is. I believe that what most people do not understand and what most people want to know is “how PR is done.”

PR is a process to promote your company or client through efficient planning. A PR professional plans out events to promote his or her client, whether they are set up specifically for that company or client or whether they are events that are already happening that his or her client/company could join in. PR professionals plan campaigns and do tons of writing. They write speeches, news releases, and media advisories. They create photo releases and media kits.

When there is a course dedicated entirely to PR writing, it is pretty obvious that there is a lot to learn.

The video I linked to helps explain what PR is, but I think that another video should be made to explain how it is done. I think this would not only clear up some questions, but also shine light on what students who have not declared a major might really be interested in doing.


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  1. sarahgricius said,

    The day that I do not hear someone ask me “What exactly is PR”, will be the happiest day of my life. Although many people are unsure and naive about what public relations entails, at least people are asking because they are interested. Usually the words promote or publicize are associated with PR when one is talking about the definition, but I completely agree that people need to know how it is done and the behind the scenes of it because many underestimate the work that goes into this particular career. When people hear, read, or attend events of companies, no one ever asks themselves “Well I wonder who put on this event” because they are in the now and PR professionals are there to work on the before by getting people’s attention about organizations. I think the two of us should team up and make a fun video for people to learn the “ins and outs” of a PR professional.

    -Sarah Gricius

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