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Where Do You Get Your News?

Posted in PR Connections by laurynwilliams on April 18, 2010

Most young adults have begin relying on the Internet for news and information. I know I do not have time to sit down and watch the news all of the time, let alone pic up a news paper or magazine. I am always online either doing homework or catching up with friends. This is one reason that it is he most convenient way for me to get my news.

News websites are timely. They are constantly being updated. Sometime you will turn on a news channel and they speak on one subject, or by the time you can sit down to watch television the news is over.

I suggest BBC News online .

As a PR student, I have to keep up with what is going on in America and all over the world. BBC News covers a global spectrum, but also gives news in the United States. One good thing about this is that it is news from a non-politically partial perspective. You do not get a democratic or republican view. I feel like it is much more objective in that aspect.

The website is really easy to navigate. On the left you have a list of countries, regions and subjects for news, such as business, health, science, technology and entertainment. There is a sports section to the right of the page. Top stories are of course listed on the main page. There is a “Latest” section at the top the page that keeps a constant updated scroll of the most recent news. If you are looking for videos only and not news articles, there is a section in the middle of the main page called “Videos.”

This website is perfect to catch up on news quickly. Even if you only have 30 minutes out of your busy PR filled day, just stop by and check out the latest news.

BBC News online has a lot to offer.

says the PR Girl 😉


8 Responses to 'Where Do You Get Your News?'

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  1. mblubaugh said,

    Hey Lauryn! I agree with what you said about our generation getting our news primarily from the internet. I know the only newspaper I usually pick up is the George-Anne, and even then, if there isn’t a catchy headline or a fun picture, I won’t read most of the articles. It is so drastically different than our parents or our grandparents generations where they still sit on the couch every morning or afternoon and read the local or state newspaper from cover to cover. It would drive me nuts if I had to do that.
    I have my homepage set to msn.com and generally that is where I get my information from. I also go to The Drudge Report. It is a little bit more FLASHY and the setup is kind of bizarre, but my older brother use to read it, so I sort of picked up on it as well.
    Also, it is kind of sad but I find about a lot of things from talk shows like Colbert Report and Chelsea Lately. Some are about the entertainment world and some are more about politics. But somewhere in between the host’s personal opinion, I get the news.
    Thank you for the post! And I will be checking out BBC News online and maybe I will find a new outlet of information gathering!

  2. michellev21 said,

    In today’s global society, it is more important than ever to keep current on news topics and important issues. I once had a teacher who made a very impactful suggestion. He said to make your favorite news website your internet homepage. Therfore, everytime you go online (to check facebook/e-mail, or BLOG!) you will be exposed to the world’s top headlines, whether you want to or not.
    Now if your not into world news or traditional news sites such as foxnews.com or CNN.com, why not make your favorite informational blog or niche website your homepage? This way, you will always be sure to stay current on the latest news, whether it be world news or news in topics that are relevant to you!

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  4. ah01490 said,

    Honestly.. I get most of the news that I hear from my mom. I do not really have that much time to watch television for the news. So she keeps me updates. But other than that, I would say the internet. This is probably because computers are so accessible to the public now. Now that I live away from home by myself, I feel like I never even see a newspaper anymore! The only place I might see one and read it is in COBA. And that is more of the local news. If i have time I will check out the BBC news online. I am sure it is a great website.

  5. I completely agree with you! I too don’t have enough time in the day to really sit down in front of the television and catch up on my daily news..especially not when there is reality TV on at the same time I mean come on! haha I started to use BBC online when I took the class Intro to International Studies because we needed to have current news on international things going on around the world. That is when I really got familiar with the website and started to use it daily. Although I don’t get on it as much I find it as a very reliable site to get my news from and it is easy to find everything I need on the site.
    -Lauren Stevens

  6. It is very hard for me to keep up with the news since I am busy with homework and work. I am a huge sports fan and if I have to get news I primarily go to ESPN and get the latest sports news. It is sad to say that it is the only news I really get. It is very important to watch the local and national news to know what is going on where you live and around the country. It is also important to know what is going to on in the world. I am going to check out that website so that I can have an idea about what is happening in the world today.

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