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Interview With Ashlea Rogers

Posted in PR Connections by laurynwilliams on April 22, 2010

I decided to do one more PR Connection, before the semester ended to just close on a good note. I spoke with Ms. Ashlea Rogers at the Center for Academic Technology Support at Georgia Southern University. She met my sister when they both went to school as PR majors here at GSU. I love Ashlea and think she is a great person to ask for advice on life in the PR/Marketing/Communications field.

She is the Information Systems Coordinator, so she really is not active in the PR field anymore, but that just goes to show that none of us know where we are going to end up or what we will be doing in the future. She just knew what she liked and what she was interested in and took it from there. I suggest everyone do that same. Go with the flow and follow your heart. Do not just stick to PR if you see your life taking you somewhere else. 🙂

These are a few questions I asked her. Here is her input!

1) What was your first job out of college? Was it a job you really wanted?

My first job out of college was with View Tech, Inc. as a Marketing representative.  This was the same company that I completed my internship with, and yes after having completing my internship with View Tech, I did want the job.  The company’s focus was on videoconferencing and this was something that gained my interest when I was a student on campus at GSU.

2) Do you feel like you learned the correct skills in college to effectively do your job in the PR field?

Yes, I do feel like the skills I learned in college helped me do my job.  I learned early on in my career that communication was key whether you are talking about a formal press release or simply an office email.  A majority of my PR classes were focused on writing and this proved to be very helpful.

3) What do you wish you would have known before heading out into the workforce?

As I mentioned above, I started my career out with more of a marketing focused position and eventually moved into a sales role.  I wish that I had known more about what other ways I could have used my PR degree or what other types of job (rather than a PR only position) fields I could use my degree.

4) Do you believe that social media such as Twitter, Facebook, and blogging should be used in the PR field? Do you use them?

Yes, I believe that social networking is key in any field.  The use of these sites are being used more and more both in the public and private sectors.  I think that using these sites and using them effectively can be a huge benefit to communicating a message.  I currently use Twitter on a professional basis to relay updates about our department.

5) How has the PR field changed since you graduated?

Well, since I actually have spent a majority of my career in sales I am not sure that I can speak to the PR field specifically but in general I think that companies/organizations are looking for individuals that have the ability to not only focus on one area of expertise.  I feel that individuals who are able to focus on multiple areas such as PR / Marketing / Communications appear to be much more attractive.  This all due to the reality that companies want to do more with less.  Therefore, individuals who can lend expertise and work in multiple areas are the ones who come out on top.

6) Are there any books or websites dealing with PR that you would recommend to PR students and practitioners?

PRSA is a great organization to be a part of especially for networking.

7) Do think that PR students are prepared for the business world after graduation? What should they know?

I do think that PR students are prepared for the business world.  There is nothing like on the job training, but I do believe that students have been equipped with the basics to get started.  The rest only comes with time. 

For more information about what Ashlea Rogers does now or if you have any questions for her email me at Lauryn_e_williams@georgiasouthern.edu.

I feel accomplished having my 11th PR Connection done, but I am more excited about having created some networking through people like Ashlea and my sister, Robyn. Get started on making your connections while you are in college.

Just some more advice from the PR Girl 😉


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  1. Mia Salituro said,

    Thanks for the interview .I am a big fan of learning from those whom you look up to. I’ve learned so much from asking successful professionals and entrepreneurs about their triumphs / mistakes.

    Referring to your question on whether PR students are prepared for the business world ; education must always be supplemented with experience.
    There are some things that a book just cannot teach you.

    Thank you Lauryn and Ashlea !

    Mia Salituro

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