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Week 16: Tips for new bloggers. Get excited!

Posted in Let's Get Personal!,Topic of the Week by laurynwilliams on April 22, 2010

I really enjoy blogging. I know that sounds silly, but I see it as a way to get my opinion out and to talk about important PR issues. There a few things that students who are new to blogging should know:

1) Make your blog attractive through changing the theme of the blog from default to something that fits you. If your blog looks boring, your reader will get bored easily.

2) Make your blog easy to navigate. Create categories for each topic that you blog about, then provide a category cloud so that they are more accessible. Create a blogroll of interesting and similar blogs or blogs that you often visit. Provide a calendar so that he readers can keep up with when you are writing.

3) Use hyperlinks. If you simply write a post talking about another blog post, a video, or article, the reader can only read what you have to say. To allow them to create their own opinion as well as better understand what you have to say, link to the website or post. If you know of other posts that are similar to your and would be helpful to the reader, hyperlink to them.

4) Make sure you attribute any information retrieved from somewhere else to the correct source by citing their name, website, post, or article. Create a hyperlink to their page, the book, or put a statement in quotes and provide the speakers name. If you do no do this, it is plagiarism.

5) Use graphics. This creates an attractive appearance for each post. It gives the reader something to look at and identify the post with. Use photos as hyperlinks to original pages and post actual videos to your post instead of just the hyperlink.

6) Comment on other bloggers posts. This creates networking and allows you to get your opinion out.

7) Reply to comments on your own posts. Answer any questions readers might have. Doing this will create networking as well as allow the reader to know that you care about what he or she has to say.

8 ) Do not ramble. Treat a blog post as if you are writing an entry for a newspaper or perhaps a small opinion piece for a class. Be professional. It can be a bit conversational and informal, but keep your work neat, not sloppy.

9) Link to other social media websites that you are on. I linked to my Twitter account so that my readers could see all of my tweets. You can also link to your Facebook, YouTube, or another blog that you might have.

10) Keep up with your blog. It is your responsibility to your readers. I know plenty of PR bloggers as well as bloggers with other interests and professions that blog infrequently. This is a huge let down when the reader is really interested in everything you have written, but they visit your site for two weeks or so and there is no new information. You will loose readers and connections.

One additional tip: 

11) Avoid blogging about yourself. People are interested in topics that they can relate to or are interested in. A blog is not Facebook. Do not blog about your day unless it leads into something interesting that you can focus on and talk about. I would also suggest that you start talking about yourself as little as possible on Facebook as well. No one needs to know when you are going outside to get a breath of fresh air or when you have arrived back at your computer desk. No one cares.

I hope these tips are helpful and that you new bloggers get the same excited experience out of it as I did and will continue to do!

Keep in touch! 😉

Sign off from the PR Girl…

Lauryn Williams


reBlog from Elana: PRos in Training

Posted in Let's Get Personal! by laurynwilliams on January 18, 2010

I found this fascinating quote today:

I like to think of job descriptions as simple suggestions. Coloring outside the lines is perfectly acceptable in the workplace, but only if your art becomes a masterpiece.Elana, PRos in Training, Apr 2009

You should read the whole article.

My Comment  (doesn’t count towards credit, word count: 63 )

Guest Post: Creating the Job You Want by Kelli Matthews

Go here or to the PRos in Training link above to access the actual post.

Date of Comment:  January 20, 2010

“This is such an inspiring post!  I am currently getting into my public relations major, and this makes me want to better prepare myself for what is to come.  Sarah, you could have settled for the job as a reservationist, but you knew you were worth more to that hotel business.  Bravo to you for your hard work and to Kelli for this post!”

Hello, WordPress World!

Posted in Let's Get Personal! by laurynwilliams on January 17, 2010

Hi! My name is Lauryn Williams.  I am a public relations major at Georgia Southern University.  I created this blog for my PR Writing class, and am using this post as an experiment to see exactly how this blogging site works.  I’m excited about this semester!  I’m sure I will learn a lot about writing in public relations as well as navigating and keeping up with a blog more efficiently.  I may, eventually, have to move this post to a personal section of my blog or delete it, because I am not sure if it is acceptable for my online class in this area!  We shall see how this goes!